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About Us

nuun Architecture is a foundation with principle of architectural service approach consolidating fundamental designs with requirements of individuals and foundations. On design and application domains, in many projects, successful works have been carried out in accordance with afore mentioned principle since 2006.


While developing concepts and application projects in architectural domain with functions of house, villa, office, dormitory functions, Nuun Architecture has been improving subject process via competition projects. Various works have been carried out in internal architecture domain including; house, shop, haircutting saloon, boutique hotel and fitness saloon. Architectural services provided by our company are identified via nearby headlines.

  • Architectural Concept, Project Design services

  • Architectural application project services

  • Architectural controllership consultancy services

  • Architectural turn-key application services

  • Interior architectural concept project design services

  • Interior architectural application project services

  • Interior architectural controllership consultancy services

  • Interior architectural turn-key application services

  • Preparation of branch application projects for Banks

  • Providing controllership service on progress payment to Banks


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